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Hi there! I came to Las Vegas 19 years ago to join the amazing team here at the Point.

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara CA wanting to be either a mermaid or a radio DJ when I grew up. Both options seemed like they’d be super fun, but one made slightly more money than the other—and here I am, I jumped into radio in 1987. After living in Prague Czech Republic, NYC, and Los Angeles, I landed here in 2002. I love big cities where there’s always something fun going on—Vegas is absolutely that, and so much more! The last 19 years have been such a blast! Of course, some of the most amazing experiences have come through the events and activities that I’ve been involved in with the Point. It’s been awesome to meet so many of you at concerts, sporting events, festivals and fundraisers. And, when I’m not rockin’ with you, I like to spend time playing with my dogs, going to concerts, thrifting, painting, sewing, restoring furniture—and hanging out with the amazing friends I’ve made here.

A few things I love (in NO particular order): parades, Led Zeppelin, mayonnaise on my French fries, acts of kindness, the color of my son’s eyes, infectious laughs, doggies, the Black Crowes, vintage anything, M&Ms, sundresses, U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds flyovers, David Bowie, coffee, my Dad’s jokes, garage sales

A few things I loathe (in EXACTLY this order) ketchup, litterbugs, touching styrofoam

Thanks for rockin’ with the POINT!


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