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97-1 The Point Number One for Classic Rock in Las Vegas is number one for local listenership interaction along with all the rock that is the timeline of your life from such artists as The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Queen, Eagles and so many more. Staying involved in the Vegas valley is what The Point does with our local air-talent, Foxx & MacKenzie wake Vegas up each morning then Lark Williams gets you through the day as Lorrin Bond drives you home then Gretchen turns up the classic rock weeknights.
97-1 The Point is heavily involved with the Vegas Golden Knights from player interviews too pregame on site interaction at
T-Mobile arena before each Golden Knights game. The local charities are highly involved with The Point from the annual turkey drives, food drives, back to school collections etc.
97-1 The Point isn’t just about the music timeline of your life on the radio but also in person with all the local venues to get you in to seeing most of these bands as they roll in to town.
97-1 The Point is Number One for Classic Rock for a reason.

Radio Delivers Massive Reach In Real Time.

  • Today Radio continues to reach more than 240 Million listeners every week, which is 93% of the population.
  • Virtually all Radio listening is done in real time, giving advertisers control of message delivery.
  • Radio reaches more people between morning and evening than any other medium and delivers messages just before they shop*.
  • Radio reach and listening levels have remained big and consistent over the past 3 years for virtually every demo including young people.
  • Far more people listen to the radio on a typical day than use Facebook, Google Web Search or YouTube**.
  • Sources: Arbitron data from RADAR, PPM and Diary reports
    *gfkMRI Media Day 2011 and USA Touchpoints 2012
    **comScore and RADAR

Radio’s Thriving Digital Technology
Enables Interaction and Activation.

  • Digital has expanded Radio’s reach and creative capabilities.
  • Through Digital, Radio can further interact with its listeners enhancing audience engagement.
    Mobile Apps, Facebook, Texting, Twitter, Online streaming, interactive listener programming, opt-in email databases, You Tube videos open digital doors for our listeners and advertisers and provide Activation.
  • 70% of listeners said they follow their favorite personality and/or radio station on social media.
  • 55% of listeners said they listen to their favorite personalities on computers or mobile devices when away from a radio.
    *Source: USC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, PSI Study released June 2012, Woodley, P. and Movius, L. People With a Favorite Radio Personality in Los Angeles

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Natalie Marsh