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If your pet ran away on the noisy and scary 4th of July, you MAY be able to           get them back!

The Aston Martin FLYING car!! Bond, Superbond.

The BEST DAD EVER turns the backyard into Jurassic Park for his kid!!

Steph told us who she liked in a man, this morning. Virile, shirtless, rich & powerful… it’s gotta be Putin! (Play the song below)


North Las Vegas Po-po have the BEST karaoke cop vid so far!!

Free Agent Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Attacked By An Atlanta Airport Employee.

Sad news this morning, as The Old Man from Pawn Stars has passed away at 77.

PAUL McCARTNEY joins James Cordon for Carpool Karaoke!!!

Jonathan Cain spent some time with us this morning. Here’s the full unedited interview!

Truckers and Troopers band together to save an overpass jumper!

Kenjamin and some VGK fans talk about the SWEEP!

Do YOU have trouble with a significant other moving your stuff?

The most amazing hockey shot EVER!

That awkward moment when a little kid crawls under the stall door to ask for help washing his hands…

Talky co-workers? Try “Antitalxident!”

F**k it, lick it, smell it video accidentally plays on newscast!

Check out this awesome Motley Crue/Steely Dan mashup!!

An 18-year old adult BABY, with diaper cameltoe??

2018’s Happiest Cities in America

WHO KNEW Joe Mantagna was a rock star? AND here’s Joe’s band, that’s him singing and playing bass!

A Baltimore man says his car exploded when he used body spray after lighting a cigarette.

ICYMI: Steph celebrates National Condom Week by popping a rubber!

Now Trending: Hobby Lobby Senior Portrait Challenge

Steph blows up a condom, during National Condom Week! Check the Facebook Live video.

Cliff Miller from MJ Christensen has fun Valentine’s Day stories and advice.

Woman has worms removed from her… EYE!

Man Uses Homemade “Rocket Bike” To Jump Off His Roof! It didn’t go well.

Lodi couple marry in ‘suspended’ wedding ceremony — 400 feet above a Utah canyon!

Mom says mirror burned a hole in daughter’s car seat!

Boyfriend caught cheating insists his lover is a SEX DOLL!

WET AND WILD is hiring for next season! Here’s the link.

Justice! Lady porch pirate breaks her leg running away!

Want to be in a Superbowl commercial? Click here!

Car-surfing Oregon cat sparks police call, but owner says pet loves it!

Steph is known for many things. Not waxing.

NFL great Ryan Leaf on the Big Game and more.

Poor sick Traffic reporter wannabe Stu Pidassle misses his chance again!

It’s all the rage, among the stupid and/or suicidal… eating Tide Pods. Here’s Kenjamin’s song about that.

Steph, the Brianhead Snow Bunny!

Steph does the best cow impression, when she chews her gum…

Should Steph have given away her foreign exchange student’s doggo?

Ever hear of a “Poop knife”? You’ll wish you hadn’t…

“Rudolph boob” is a thing!

And here’s our Song about it!

The Vegas Golden Knights have launched a “Women’s Learn to Play” program. Here are all the deets

Here’s Kenjamin’s EXCLUSIVE interview with disgraced Today host Matt Lauer!

Sports Illustrated called it… Houston 2017 World Series champs!!

Here’s the list of the 58 victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

KTLA reporter gets barfed on!

HERE’s where the fireworks are happening today!

Heritage Park in Henderson 9 p.m.
Green Valley Ranch Resort 9 p.m.
Red Rock Resort 9 p.m.
Boulder City – Veterans Memorial Park 9:00 p.m.
Cashman Field – Following the Las Vegas 51s game
Clark County Fairgrounds 9 p.m.
Primm Valley Resort 9 p.m.
Red Rock Country Club – Fairway 8:45 p.m.
Las Vegas Country Club 9 p.m.

Friends use slingshot to ‘pass’ a beer across Pennsylvania lake

“He’s not stopping!” Semi drags a car with a screaming dude.

MGM properties are raising their parking rates! Here’s the heinous list of new charges.

Sexbot Harmony 2.0 can fall in love and flirt with you!

Lego Game Of Thrones!

Man in Eeyore costume beats guitarist unconscious!

Baristas serve drinks wearing just bikini bottoms and NIPPLE PASTIES

Johnny Manziel sure has a hawt GF

Joey Logano and Kyle Busch fight after the race!

STEPHEN STUBBS! Fights for justice every day!!

Family spooked when 13-year-old finds ghostly apparition in a selfie taken on a fishing trip.

“Nobody will EVER eff up as bad as I did.” – Steve Harvey

“Hold my beer.” – Warren Beatty  Here’s the Oscar Best Picture debacle.

States With Longest, Shortest Life Expectancy

Woman goes through labor… in a Chewbacca mask.

Steph-like woman blows up Twitter with her messy room!

Former wrestler posts Xmas tree pic… with porn playing on his flat screen!

Hacked McDonald’s Drive-Thru Delivers F-Bomb!

2016 BUTTERBALL Turkey TEXT Hotline!!  844-877-3456

HOW MUCH Halloween candy would you have to eat for it to KILL YOU??

CARNADO is here!!! Here’s all the closures:

If you’re driving from southbound I-15 to northbound U.S. 95, you’ll be detoured from Lake Mead Boulevard south to Martin Luther King Boulevard and back to the 95.

Those traveling from northbound I-15 to northbound 95 will be detoured to the Martin Luther King exit ramp. You’ll then re-enter northbound 95 and move along a temporary lane.

Those headed from northbound 95 to Martin Luther King need to leave themselves plenty of time. Drivers will be routed to Rancho Drive, make a U-turn, re-enter the 95 in the opposite direction and eventually make their way back to Martin Luther King.

Those headed from southbound I-15 to Martin Luther King will exit at Lake Mead Boulevard and head west.

The good news is most of the construction will take place at night and on weekends.


Woman survives plane ride next to creepy doll!

OMG, I’m so FAT!!! Woman melts down on Subway.

A Portland woman is so devoted to being a vegetarian, she covered her arm in vegetable tattoos!

Man destroys his daughter’s Audi for making out in it with a boy!!!

I would gladly let her cut in front of me… Woman buys plane ticket in her underpants.

World first: Skydiver plummets 25,000 feet — with no parachute!!!

Carl’s Jr. wants YOU to have a 3-Way!!!

A six month old waterskier?!

HERE IS THE CHEWBACCA VIDEO that Steph and Chris are in love with. Meh.

HERE’S THE LIST of produce recalls resulting from the big listeria outbreak.

Big fight on the strip! Catch the video

Thanks so much to Greens and Proteins for an amazing Wellness Wednesday lunch. Joining us, l-r, Jerry, Kenjamin, Chris, Steph & Mike. Not seen, Erwin. We’ll take more listeners to lunch the next few weeks, so listen & win!


The issue of Steph’s kids public nudity, dealt with musically. Enjoy!

HERE are the pics Metro released of the Lee’s Liquor murderers.

Snot TOO embarrassing, TV news gal!

Crazy ASS-plosion in Kentucky!!

Crazy methhead does meth in rail car during standoff!

Our latest tribute to Steph MacKenzie!

Girl with severe burns only wants cards for Christmas!   Here’s her address

Millions of Chinese woman have joined a new social media craze…touching their breasts from behind their backs.

Our Stephani is having “Pierre”, her gigantic bunion removed tomorrow… and of course, an unnecessary  musical tribute is in order…


What a Mississippi Mud Mess! This may NOT actually be a sinkhole, so somebody may be able to sue somebody over this…

GOOD TIMES on the golf course! Former NHL All-Star Jeremy Roenick tries wrestling an alligator… and a pro golfer racks up dese nuts!

Are you HOT for TEACHER? You will be NOW…

Phil Collen and Joe Elliott of Def Leppard are gonna be shooting with the Pawn Stars guys next week!  Here’s our chat with Phil from this morning.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. As amazing as you THINK it’s gonna be, this trailer says “Think more amazing!”

The Worst Turf In the NFL Just Swallowed A Kicker’s Foot Whole!

Following wisdom tooth surgery, this woman was distraught to discover she had not been given larger breasts!

WHAT did Adam say about Jimmy Kimmel??

REAL goblin… or awesome hoax?? YOU decide.

FREE YouTube movies, from Paramount Studios!

People are getting naked, and pretending to be FROZEN CHICKENS!!?!

Little Kids Too Distracted By Doing The Nae Nae Forget To Play Football!

Steph gets a magical coochie ride, on stage at Bikefest!!  Photos by Tonya Harvey.

We love Carl’s Jr, and we’re not even sure what they sell. But WOW do we love how they sell it!

What with the heated debate on SEX education in the schools last night, we thought a little comic relief… AND a little schooling is in order. See how much kids know, and how YOUNG they know it, in this funny video.

Ray Romano talks about his first-ever movie SEX SCENE!!!

Never monkey with the U.S. Mail!!

Have you SEEN the Bryce Harper dust-up in the dugout? EPIC.

ARACHNAPHOBIA causes a gas pump to BLOWbia! Watch the video.

Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit is the most iconic song EVER: Here’s the complete Top 50 list!

Andrew Zimmern from Travel Channels “Bizarre Foods” says “Yes, I WILL eat kangaroo rectum.” Listen for yourself!

BAD Dad!   BAD Dad… but we get it.  JUST KIDDING!!! a little.

A courtrooom sketch artist in New York City has apologized after getting slammed on social media for drawing Tom Brady badly

“Keep the BBQ smoke and smell on your property!” – says a clueless Floridork on this viral video.

Amy Schumer gets down and dirty with Star Wars bots!

Two Floriduh morons brawl over a grocery store parking space!

Bride close to tears after new husband gets so drunk, he thrusts IN HER FACE while trying to remove her garter!

I (Kenjamin) predicted that the Coca-Cola booby challenge would go viral, and now it’s a lock, since I am answering the literally millions of requests to post my own video, with my own video! Okay, actually only Dennis Huff wanted to see this, so you may address complaints to him.



Can’t wait to see this Cars traveling light show in the Electrical Parade tonight!

Two Japanese Girls Battle to Try and Blow a Cockroach Into the Others Mouth!

An elementary school band in Louisville just crushes the classic rock!! Here, the Louisville Leopards do “Kashmir“.

A veterinary student is considering quitting her studies and pursuing a modeling career after LeBron James ‘liked’ one of her pictures on Instagram.

Shaq completely eats it on live TV

Here’s the link to the RIVIERA liquidation sale.

Things got real awkward during a council meeting in Georgetown, Texas, when a councilman excused himself to use the bathroom: The man forgot to turn off his microphone

Jamie Foxx v the National Anthem was the better fight!

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox yesterday 8-2 in front of zero fans at Camden Yard. Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph signed autographs for imaginary fans

Chicago Bliss’ free-safety Alli Alberts surprises the crowd and announcers chugging a beer at mid-field, after being awarded Game MVP honors.

FREE coffee on tax day! Here’s where you can get yours

Thanks to Steph for providing us a whole new humanitarian endeavor/business opportunity!  FNM Cameltowing

Tommy Lasorda is laSORTA funky!!!  Turn Down 4 What!


The artist claims that shadow next to Bill C. is Monica Lewinski’s dress. No explanation for why Bill’s face looks like Ted Koppel…



Well, Kenjamin’s mom has been feeling under the weather lately, so he flew down to Tucson to help out… and promptly backed into her mailbox cluster.   ‪#‎justwhatthedoctorordered‬ ‪#‎waytogodumbass‬

Here they are… the 2015 Superbowl commercials! This one is Kenjamin’s favorite.

In Adam Lane Jr.’s case “MVP” stand for “Most Violent Pooper“!

Dude set his buddy’s armpit hair on FIRE! While he was DRIVING!!


TASING pics?? Yeah, why not.

Cheerleading squad suspended after Facebook photo shows girls faking pregnancy, flashing gang signs and mimicking guns…

AWESOME list… 33 little-known facts about TOYS!