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Big Hair Show

Name: Dug Dugless, or call me anything with a Dug or Doug or Dig in it, whatever works best for you as you are listening to Classic Rock.

First Concert: 1983 US Festival Metal Day, so technically the first band I ever saw live was Motley Crue.

Who I have seen in Concert the most: Blue Oyster Cult.

Favorite Rock Star I have met: I am going to call this a three way tie between Dennis De Young, Rob Halford and Chris Cornell.

Sports or Music: Sports is great, but Music to me is THE BEST!

More About Me: Let’s be honest you probably don’t really want to know any more about me, but I do appreciate you coming to this page to check out my Bio.

Favorite Radio Show: Sunday Mornings on The Point, 8am to 10am, with Demo Dave, to me Café Vinyl is a great listen!

I hope to be writing some concert reviews and grab pics from POINT Concerts.


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