Todd Fowler

I'm from the Motor city but I'm no Madman…actually I'm from Dearborn Michigan and spent a lot of time on Detroit Radio-WABX, WWWW, WRIF, The Bear and WDVD

I also worked in Denver for a couple of years in the early 80's @ KAZY. But the reason I'm here at the Point is because I worked at our sister station KOMP back in 85-87 with Big Marty and Culotta. I loved it here then and I love it here now…great company and great city!!

Besides traveling in Radio I also saw a lot of the States and Europe in the Air Force
You may know by listening to me that I am a HUGE Detroit sports fan….any Detroit Clubs in town contact me and we'll root together(especially Tigers and Pistons)

I'm also an avid golfer(10 handicap) and always open to playing a round and I also go to every concert I can! Challenge me to any sport and I'll be there!

Feel free to drop a line……

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