Steph’s Stupid Question

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Thursday 02-22

Q: If you’re married, you do this about 300 times a year. Unless you live in Alaska, where you’ll do it 90 times or less. What?
A: fight

Wednesday 02-21

Q: 21% of workers are guilty of doing this, especially on a Tuesday. What?
A: show up late to work

Tuesday 02-20

Q: 7% of us say we’ve never eaten THIS. What?
A: Girl Scout Cookies

Monday 02-19

Q: After paying mortgage and bills, THIS is the biggest sign that you’ve become a grown-up. What?
A: buying a vacuum

Friday 02-16

Q: 12% of people say THIS is what they do during conference calls. What?
A: shop online

Thursday 02-15

Q: 45% of the ladies say THIS is what they REALLY wanted for Valentine’s Day. What?
A: a babysitter

Wednesday 02-14

Q: Most office workers think they do this better than the boss. What?
A: waste can basketball

Tuesday 02-13

Q: An average ‘merican will eat this at least once a week. What?
A: a sandwich

Monday 02-12

Q: Single ladies do this every 4-5 weeks, but married women do it every 2-3 weeks. What?
A: change the sheets

Friday 02-09

Q: 1000 women ages 25+ say THIS is what they look forward to most on Valentine’s Day. What?
A: girls night out

Thursday 02-08

Q: An average ‘merican will eat 180 of these a year. What?
A: bowls of cereal

Wednesday 02-07

Q: Parents these days will bump up their kids’ allowance if the kids do this. What?
A: vacuum the house

Tuesday 02-06

Q: 25% of us say we cannot live without this. What?
A: a good mattress

Monday 02-05

Q: On an average day, you will come in contact with at least 300 of these. What?
A: computers

Friday 02-02

Q: Of the people who are stuck in a job they hate, 40% say they stay in it because of this. What?
A: close to home

Thursday 02-01

Q: 40% of us have a higher opinion of our co-workers, if they do this. What?
A: bring donuts

Wednesday 01-31

Q: In the past decade the time we spend doing this has doubled. What?
A: grocery shopping

Tuesday 01-30

Q: Business experts say THIS is the best word to use to get an immediate response to your email. What?
A: “hey”

Monday 01-29

Q: A new survey says THIS is the most annoying thing about our spouses. What?
A: selective listening

Friday 01-26

Q: This animal injures zookeepers more than any other animal. What?
A: zebras

Thursday 01-25

Q: Of all the paper in ‘Merica, 80% is used for this. What?
A: $100 bills

Wednesday 01-24

Q: 10% of staples in the world are manufactured for this purpose. What?
A: tea bags

Tuesday 01-23

Q: 40% of women and 20% of guys secretly want one of these. What?
A: a piercing

Monday 01-22

Q: 50,00 people recently surveyed said THIS would make them enjoy their jobs more. What?
A: praise from the boss

Wednesday 01-17

Q: Everyone has a favorite one of these. What?
A: coffee mug

Tuesday 01-16

Q: When alone in a new boyfriend’s house for the first time, 15% of women admit they’ve snooped HERE. What?
A: his pants pockets

Monday 01-15

Q: THIS is the number one food shown in Facebook Posts. What?
A: shrimp!

Friday 01-12

Q: 1 in 9 siblings have this in common. What?
A: they share the same first initial

Thursday 01-11

Q: When it comes to dinner, 11% of us have never done this. What?
A: ordered take-out

Wednesday 01-10

Q: Research says worrying about THIS is detrimental to your health. What?
A: how much you exercise

Tuesday 01-09

Q: 70% of women would rather have this than a marriage proposal. What?
A: a raise

Monday 01-08

Q: These apps have seen a 33% increase, due to harsh weather in the U.S. What?
A: dating apps

Friday 01-05

Q: 33% of women would love to change this about their partner. What?
A: their table manners

Thursday 01-04

Q: 2/3rds of women say that THIS is the sexiest thing a man does. What?
A: sweat

Wednesday 01-03

Q: Over 4000 Americans were hospitalized last year over this. What?
A: the hiccups

Friday 12-22

Q: 25% of us will do this next week. What?
A: take time off work

Tuesday 12-19

Q: 22% of adults say they WILL do this right before Xmas. What?
A: open their presents, then rewrap them

Monday 12-18

Q: 33% of Americans have this in common when it comes to Xmas. What?
A: open presents Xmas Eve

Friday 12-15

Q: More men do this this time of year than women. What?
A: feel lonely

Thursday 12-14

Q: On average, the majority of us will be doing this on December 18th. What?
A: stressing out over the holidays

Wednesday 12-13

Q: 22% of us have done this while holiday shopping. What?
A: called in sick to work so they could shop more

Tuesday 12-12

Q: 51% of us are overwhelmed by the number of these that are available to us. What?
A: TV shows

Monday 12-11

Q: 71% of men credit THIS for their success. What?
A: their mother

Friday 12-08

Q: Only 19% of us still use these. What?
A: post cards

Thursday 12-07

Q: 73% of us will do this at a holiday meal. What?
A: complain about the food

Wednesday 12-06

Q: 98% of us do this erry day. What?
A: eat a cookie

Tuesday 12-05

Q: Contrary to popular belief, ‘mericans will gain 7 pounds a year doing this. What?
A: a personal trainer

Monday 12-04

Q: A new survey has revealed that 14% of people dream about this on a regular basis.  What?
A: Their pet.

Friday 12-01

Q: If a woman has one of these, she is 50 percent more likely to cheat in her relationships.  What?
A: a personal trainer

Thursday 11-30

Q: 1 in 10 people ALWAYS do this before they buy a house. What?
A: meet their prospective neighbors

Wednesday 11-29

Q: Enough of THIS product will be sold this year to wrap the Equator 13 times. What?
A: colorful duct tape

Tuesday 11-28

Q: 12% of Americans say they’d love this job. What?
A: Santa!

Monday 11-27

Q: 71% of us are more comfortable doing this AWAY from our family on Thanksgiving. What?
A: carving the turkey

Tuesday 11-21

Q: One in 6 of us ask somebody to borrow this every day. What?
A: a cigarette

Monday 11-20

Q: Less than 50% of people have ever done this for their partner. What?
A: made them breakfast in bed

Tuesday 11-14

Q: 11% of men do this, by themselves, in the bathroom. What?
A: pose in the mirror

Monday 11-13

Q: 15% of pet owners always let others do this for them. What?
A: pick their name

Friday 11-10

Q: Over 70% of men are more likely to do this in the shower than women. What?
A: adjust the shower head

Thursday 11-09

Q: When it comes to our kids, a third of Dads cannot do this. What?
A: pull their teeth

Wednesday 11-08

Q: 22% of married people argue about this. What?
A: losing stuff

Tuesday 11-07

Q: When asked to name occasions that cause you to drink. Your spouse is #2. What is #1?
A: birthdays

Monday 11-06

Q: An average person spends 27 minutes a day doing this. What?
A: cooking

Friday 11-03

Q: 82% of the ladies will give this to their men today. What?
A: a to-do list

Thursday 11-02

Q: Every year, over 80,000 people end up in the ER because they are bitten by this. What?
A: other people

Wednesday 11-01

Q: 33% us believe these live among us. What?
A: witches

Tuesday 10-31

Q: 45% of guys say they are SO scared of this. What?
A: going bald

Monday 10-30

Q: 77% of us think this is the most annoying thing about our neighbors. What?
A: they recycle too much

Friday 10-27

Q: The 2nd biggest superstition is the 4-leaf clover bringing good luck. What is number one?
A: an itchy palm means you’re coming into money

Wednesday 10-25

Q: 71% of workers say their company has never done this. What?
A: asked them for their opinion

Tuesday 10-24

Q: Half of all men surveyed say they can do this in ten minutes or less. What?
A: eat lunch

Monday 10-23

Q: Disney is the second largest employer of full-time musicians in the country. Who is number one? What?
A: The U.S. Armed Forces

Friday 10-20

Q: This is the new top thing women dislike being called. What?
A: hormonal

Thursday 10-19

Q: Americans have more of these than people from other countries. What?
A: allergies

Wednesday 10-18

Q: Kenjamin forgot something today. What?
A: to post the 7 calls answer

Tuesday 10-17

Q: Men with THESE make WAY better business decisions. What?
A: daughters

Monday 10-16

Q: 82% of FAT people do this out in public. What?
A: Eat while they walk

Friday 10-13

Q: Nearly seven in ten Millenials do this when they go to a restaurant. What?
A: take pics of their food

Thursday 10-12

Q: Men will do this in the winter months more than any other time. What?
A: watch chick flicks

Wednesday 10-11

Q: 17% of us do this weekly, 33% of us do it once a month. What?
A: walk into a bank

Tuesday 10-10

Q: IF you’re going to do this, you’ll most likely do it on a Monday. What?
A: lose your keys

Monday 10-09

Q: We all do this at work, usually on Mondays before 2PM. What?
A: daydream

Friday 10-06

Q: 33% of Americans have two of these. What?
A: jobs

Thursday 10-05

Q: 5500 Americans did this last year (an all-time high number). What?
A: saw a UFO

Wednesday 10-04

Q: The number one way to save the planet is THIS. What?
A: stop having kids

Tuesday 10-03

Q: Your morning commute costs you an extra $1400 a year, because of this. What?
A: being stuck in traffic

Friday 09-29

Q: 41% of husbands say that when it comes to this, their wives do a better job. What?
A: negotiating for a new car

Thursday 09-28

Q: Married women say THIS is the number one thing they would change about their husband. What?
A: their grumpiness

Wednesday 09-27

Q: On average, we have three of these, and we don’t know how important they are until they’re gone. What?
A: phone chargers

Tuesday 09-26

Q: 55% of women say that THIS makes a guy sexy. What?
A: tattoos

Monday 09-25

Q: Humans are not biologically equipped to do this before 10AM. What?
A: be awake

Friday 09-22

Q: Nearly 1 in 10 of us never leave home with this. What?
A: ca$h

Thursday 09-21

Q: According to morning commuters, this is the MOST annoying thing. What?
A: getting stuck behind a school bus

Wednesday 09-20

Q: If you add this to your meals, you WILL burn more calories. What?
A: hot sauce

Tuesday 09-19

Q: Guys are almost guaranteed to get hit on by women at the gym, if they wear this. What?
A: a hoodie

Monday 09-18

Q: When it comes to “dumping” someone, this is the REAL reason 35% of us do it. What?
A: they’re not smart enough (or TOO smart!)

Friday 09-15

Q: THIS is almost nonexistent in the work place today. What?
A: one hour lunch breaks

Thursday 09-14

Q: 11% of people say THIS is the worst thing they’ve done in a hotel room. What?
A: eavesdrop on your neighbors

Wednesday 09-13

Q: You are most likely to do this at work, on a Wednesday. What?
A: fall asleep

Tuesday 09-12

Q: 25% of Mericans follow this superstition every day. What?
A: knock on wood

Monday 09-11

Q: On average, we all do this every year and a half. What?
A: get a new phone

Friday 09-08

Q: 2/3 of women say this is more stressful than going on a first date. What?
A: going to work sans makeup

Thursday 09-07

Q: If you’re married, you are more likely to do this, than anybody else. What?
A: obey the speed limit

Wednesday 09-06

Q: THIS is one of the germiest things you’ll find in a hotel room. And it’s not the TV remote. What is it?
A: hair dryer

Tuesday 09-05

Q: THIS is the most commonly lost item in the house. What?
A: socks

Thursday 08-31

Q: This only gets cleaned once a year, if we’re lucky. What?
A: the office fridge

Wednesday 08-30

Q: 49% of people who HAVE these, never use them. What?
A: sunroofs

Tuesday 08-29

Q: 11% of us believe that this IS gonna happen at some point. What?
A: we’ll win the lottery

Monday 08-28

Q: Women are most likely to always do this at night… while men do it in the morning. What?
A: dishes

Friday 08-25

Q: 65 Percent of people who have done this admit they regretted it afterwards. What?
A: plastic surgery

Thursday 08-24

Q: Just over 17% of married men do this at least once a year, without telling their wives. What?
A: lose a big bet

Wednesday 08-23

Q: 13% of men admit they do this on a regular basis. Back in the ’90s, it was 3%. What?
A: coloring their hair

Tuesday 08-22

Q: The average one of these lasts about 10 days. What?
A: tastebud

Monday 08-21

Q: 77% of Millennials love doing this at work, twice as much as their older collegues. What?
A: face-to-face meetings

Friday 08-18

Q: 33% of women say they never do this during the winter months. What?
A: get a pedicure

Thursday 08-17

Q: 52% of guys always do this by accident. What?
A: say “I love you”

Wednesday 08-16

Q: 22% of us have quit our jobs because of THIS. What?
A: our mom told us to

Tuesday 08-15

Q: 33% of guys have never done this at home. What?
A: cleaned the toilet

Monday 08-14

Q: Almost one in four women admit they have done this and half of them are ashamed of it. What?
A: slept with their boss

Friday 08-11

Q: 33% of guys are always doing this, and nobody ever knows. What?
A: dieting

Wednesday 08-09

Q: 74% of us say that our smartphones are making us do this. What?
A: use restrooms longer

Tuesday 08-08

Q: 51% of people say that THIS is the one true sign that it’s true love. What?
A: sharing passwords and PIN #s

Monday 08-07

Q: Household accidents are caused by three things: 1) Chainsaws, 2) Microwave ovens and… What?
A: area rugs

Thursday 08-03

Q: 41% of women say they HATE it when a guy does this, trying to be romantic. What?
A: blowing in her ear

Wednesday 08-02

Q: 55% of adults say this is the most unthoughtful gift anyone could buy. What?
A: lotion

Tuesday 08-01

Q: If you spend more than 2 hours a day HERE, you are lowering your IQ. Where?
A: in your car

Monday 07-31

Q: The average person thinks this should last at LEAST 30 seconds. What?
A: a kiss

Friday 07-28

Q: On average, we’ll do this 37 times a year, but we NEVER admit it. What?
A: break the law

Thursday 07-27

Q: 150 people worldwide are injured on vacation by this. What?
A: falling coconuts

Wednesday 07-26

Q: 40 Percent of Americans have never done this. What?
A: gone to the dentist

Tuesday 07-25

Q: Each year more than 200,000 Merican men are injured by this. What?
A: An angry wife.

Monday 07-24

Q: This embarrassing thing has happened to 32 percent of people. Sometimes it happens while we aren’t fully dressed which makes it much worse! What?
A: getting locked out of your hotel room

Friday 07-21

Q: 1/3 of Americans say they spend $120 a month on THIS. What?
A: lottery tickets

Thursday 07-20

Q: 24% of women, when it comes to marriage, regret THIS. What?
A: taking his last name

Wednesday 07-19

Q: 11% of us will always do this after a bad day. What?
A: eat mac & cheese

Tuesday 07-18

Q: 67% of us always do this on vacation, but never do it at home. What?
A: eat dessert

Monday 07-17

Q: 41% of people say they always have this in their kitchen. What?
A: chopsticks

Friday 07-14

Q: This week has been the busiest week for this so far this year, and most people use an app. What?
A: looking for love

Thursday 07-13

Q: Drivers in Merica spend 17 hours a year doing this. What?
A: looking for a good parking space

Wednesday 07-12

Q: On average, we all do this about 10x a day, and it makes Steph sad. What?
A: laugh

Tuesday 07-11

Q: 63% of women say THIS thing guys do is a MAJOR turn-off. What?
A: wink

Monday 07-10

Q: Muricans will go through about 19 BILLION of these this year. What?
A: hot dogs

Friday 07-07

Q: Women spend 42 minutes a week, worrying about this. What?
A: what underpants to wear

Thursday 07-06

Q: THIS is the number one thing guys love to do, romantically. What?
A: cuddle (Chris & Ken call BULLSHNIZZ, and Steph HATES to do this)

Wednesday 07-05

Q: 17% of Muricans do this before 6AM every day. What?
A: leave for work

Tuesday 07-04

Q: 22% of us have done this at one time in our life. What?
A: played in a band

Monday 07-03

Q: 33% of guys do this when they get dressed. What?
A: spray cologne on their underpants

Monday 06-26

Q: 76% of Murican adults say this is the most important thing to do all year. But only 31% of us will do it. What?
A: go on a diet

Tuesday 06-20

Q: Forty-five percent of parents are worried their kids will follow in their footsteps when it comes to this. What?
A: how they drive

Monday 06-19

Q: One third of men have lied about liking this. What?
A: golf

Thursday 06-15

Q: 25% of us have done this at a restaurant. What?
A: wiped down our silverware

Wednesday 06-14

Q: The happiest people do this on a regular basis. What?
A: take naps

Tuesday 06-13

Q: A new survey asked “What do you spend money on that your partner is unaware of?” Number 3 is alcohol, number 2 is clothing, what is #1?
A: cigarettes

Monday 06-12

Q: 43% of women keep this in their car. What?
A: a spare pair of shoes

Friday 06-09

Q: Five percent of women say they’ve taken a selfie here. Where?
A: on the toilet

Thursday 06-08

Q: 1 in 4 men never ever do this. What?
A: wear deodorant

Wednesday 06-07

Q: 62% of men say that is a woman has THIS on a first date, they’ll move in for a kiss. What?
A: RED lipstick

Tuesday 06-06

Q: 77% of women are suspicious when their man does this. What?
A: buys them flowers

Monday 06-05

Q: 22% of us look forward to doing this on the weekend. What?
A: laundry

Friday 06-02

Q: THIS is the new #1 reason people get a divorce. What?
A: they disagree on friends

Thursday 06-01

Q: Doing this will make a woman appear seven pounds lighter. What?
A: having a tan

Wednesday 05-31

Q: We waste over 30 hours a year because of this. What?
A: bad GPS directions

Tuesday 05-30

Q: 85% of women say they can tell right away what kind of lover a man is by THIS. What?
A: his shoes

Friday 05-26

Q: This is the number one thing that puts everybody in a bad mood in the morning. What?
A: spilling your coffee

Thursday 05-25

Q: THIS is one of the top reasons you have a bad night’s sleep. What?
A: your bedroom is messy

Wednesday 05-24

Q: Women on average spend over 70 hours a year doing this, and men less than 60. What?
A: showering

Tuesday 05-23

Q: Women are more likely to give their digits to a guy HERE. Where?
A: the bakery

Monday 05-22

Q: 25% of women feel they would not need to consult their husband to do this. What?
A: get a tattoo

Friday 05-19

Q: Over 13% of us say this is the most stressful thing they do all year. What?
A: going on vacation

Thursday 05-18

Q: 22% of us actually admit to doing this late at night. What?
A: going through their neighbor’s garbage

Wednesday 05-17

Q: 42% of us say that THIS is a sign of intelligence. What?
A: straight teeth

Tuesday 05-16

Q: 22% of men who are cheating on their wives use THIS as an alibi. What?
A: golf

Monday 05-15

Q: Women do this more than men, during their daily commute. What?
A: drive to work on empty

Thursday 05-11

Q: Over 77% of us say we always do this alone, but we’d rather do it with a partner. What?
A: drive to work

Wednesday 05-10

Q: 1 in 6 Muricans say they can never take a vacation because of THIS. What?
A: won’t leave their pets

Tuesday 05-09

Q: 33% of people believe that this will cease to exist in their lifetimes. What?
A: use of cash

Monday 05-08

Q: In the last two years, one in ten people have taken off work for THIS. What?
A: to get some sleep

Friday 05-05

Q: The average one of these is three pounds, a big one is 5. What?
A: a human head

Thursday 05-04

Q: 35% of houses in ‘Merica have one of these. What?
A: a welcome mat

Wednesday 05-03

Q: 55% of us NEVER leave home without this. What?
A: gum

Tuesday 05-02

Q: 11% of people always do this after a workout. What?
A: smoke a cigarette

Monday 05-01

Q: 87% of people surveyed say this makes them cringe every time. What?
A: the sound of their own voice

Friday 04-28

Q: 70% of men NEVER let their wives touch this. What?
A: the BBQ

Thursday 04-27

Q: When you were a kid, this was MOST likely to make Dad mad. What?
A: leaving the light on

Wednesday 04-26

Q: This is the one thing a guy looks for when taking things to the next level. What?
A: independence

Tuesday 04-25

Q: A third of people say THIS is the most annoying sound in the workplace. What?
A: sniffling

Friday 04-21

Q: This is the #1 physical activity that lands people in the ER. What?
A: Yoga

Thursday 04-20, duuuude

Q: Women feel their very best about their bodies at THIS age. What?
A: 74

Wednesday 04-19

Q: 82% of women use their phones mainly for this. What?
A: porn

Tuesday 04-18

Q: 42% of people think that THIS makes a person instantly more attractive. What?
A: sunglasses

Monday 04-17

Q: 1 in 20 guys have tried to cook this on the grill. What?
A: French fries

Friday 04-14

Q: In your lifetime, you will spend over six thousand dollars on this. What?
A: vending machine food

Thursday 04-13

Q: One in eight people under age 35 have never done this. What?
A: ironed a shirt

Wednesday 04-12

Q: According to a new poll, 22% of us believe in this wholeheartedly. 21% do NOT believe. What?
A: UFO aliens

Wednesday 04-05

Q: You’ll start doing this at about age 14. What?
A: drinking coffee

Tuesday 04-04

Q: You have a better chance of getting a raise or bonus from your boss if you take advantage of this. What?
A: vacation days – use ’em all

Monday 04-03

Q: 23% of people have a favorite one of these, and their day isn’t complete unless they use it. What?
A: a pen

Friday 03-31

Q: Each week, over 700,000 people in ‘Merica will buy something HERE. Where?
A: garage sale

Thursday 03-30

Q: 37% of men wear this because they believe it improves their appearance. What?
A: hair styling products

Wednesday 03-29

Q: Eight percent of us ALWAYS have this in their kitchen. What?
A: rubber bands

Tuesday 03-28

Q: The average person has well over a hundred of these, but only 4 or so are reliable. What?
A: Facebook friends

Monday 03-27

Q: Women say this is the number one profession that would make a man unattractive to them. What?
A: mortician

Friday 03-24

Q: 1 in 7 people have quit a job because of this. What?
A: a failed office romance

Thursday 03-23

Q: In your life you will go through 75,000 gallons of this. What?
A: sweat

Wednesday 03-22

Q: 70% of women say they are happier if they get to do THIS on a regular basis. What?
A: get their hair done

Tuesday 03-21

Q: If you’re average, you’ll stare at this 36 hours this year. What?
A: the refrigerator

Monday 03-20

Q: 72% of Americans have seen 10 or fewer of these. What?
A: states

Friday 03-17

Q: 3/4 of us have one of these in their car, but it doesn’t work. What?
A: a flashlight

Thursday 03-16

Q: The average worker does this three times a week. What?
A: eats lunch at their desk

Wednesday 03-15

Q: On average, we do this about 5 times a day. What?
A: tie our shoelaces

Tuesday 03-14

Q: Almost 60% of us cannot remember this. What?
A: our first kiss

Monday 03-13

Q: 22% of us have not changed this daily habit for the last two years. What?
A: what they eat for lunch

Friday 03-10

Q: 12% of couples say they’d rather sleep alone, to avoid their partner doing this. What?
A: searching for their phone

Thursday 03-09

Q: If co-workers do this with each other, they get along better and become more productive. What?
A: hug

Wednesday 03-08

Q: 1 in 5 adults forgets this every day. What?
A: what day it is

Tuesday 03-07

Q: 22% of Millennials have never eaten one of these. What?
A: a Big Mac

Monday 03-06

Q: 65% of ladies will kiss a guy on the first date, if he does this. What?
A: talks about his Mom

Friday 03-03

Q: The average adult has memorized just under five of these. What?
A: recipes

Thursday 03-02

Q: 22% of of us think THIS is our hero. What?
A: our siblings

Wednesday 03-01

Q: Women love when their men do this. What?
A: hold their hand

Tuesday 02-28

Q: 90% of guys want their woman to do this. What?
A: make the first move

Monday 02-27

Q: 67% of women say they know their man trusts them 100% when they do this. What?
A: gives them his car keys

Thursday 02-09

Q: 17% of us will try this ourselves, before calling in a professional. What?
A: dental work

Wednesday 02-08

Q: Over 92% of us throw these out without ever using them. What?
A: instructions

Tuesday 02-07

Q: If you do this during a job interview, you will get 10% more pay. What?
A: tell a joke

Monday 02-06

Q: You will be 42 before you start doing this regularly. What?
A: taking vitamins

Friday 02-03

Q: 35% of us will do THIS on Big Game Day. What?
A: not watch the game

Thursday 02-02

Q: 22% of us say we would totally miss THIS to see our team play in the Stuporbowl. What?
A: the birth of our own child

Wednesday 02-01

Q: Men spend 30 minutes or more doing this every day. What?
A: eating

Tuesday 01-31

Q: THIS is the LEAST attractive body part on most peoples’ partners. What?
A: armpit

Monday 01-30

Q: 15% of women get pulled over for reckless driving when they do this in the car. What?
A: feed the kids

Friday 01-27

Q: After a year of marriage, couples’ biggest pet peeve is what?
A: not enough “me” time

Thursday 01-26

Q: 12% of men have at least 1 of these, that is 10 years old or older. What?
A: pairs of underwear

Wednesday 01-25

Q: 42% of us will NEVER EVER do this unless we absolutely have to. What?
A: clean the inside of our cars

Tuesday 01-24

Q: 31% of us always want these to be red. What?
A: jelly beans

Monday 01-23

Q: The average lady can do this for 4 hours, the average man less than three. What?
A: keep a secret

Friday 01-20

Q: This will happen to 52% of us today. What?
A: we’ll cheat on our New Year’s resolution diet

Thursday 01-19

Q: “This is the number one most-used item in every household.” What?
A: the TV remote

Wednesday 01-18

Q: 58% of women say they ALWAYS feel sexy when they wear this. What?
A: a sports jersey

Tuesday 01-17

Q: 15% of workers in ‘merica have this in common. What?
A: they once worked at McDonald’s

Friday 01-13

Q: This is the number one good luck charm people have with them on Friday the 13th. What?
A: lucky socks

Thursday 01-12

Q: 43% of us want to do this after we see people doing this on TV. What?
A: eat

Wednesday 01-11

Q: 11% of us have never done this at the grocery store. What?
A: used the self checkout lane

Tuesday 01-10

Q: 52% of sad or depressed women always do this. What?
A: buy makeup

Monday 01-09

Q: Car keys are the number one thing we lose. THIS is number two. What?
A: cell phone charger

Friday 01-06

Q: 1 in 6 women will lie about this when they first meet a guy. What?
A: their name

Thursday 01-05

Q: 33% of people say they’d be willing to pay $100 or more for this. What?
A: more sleep

Wednesday 01-04

Q: Almost 1/3 of car owners say they have no idea how to do this when it comes to their car maintenance. What?
A: change the windshield washer fluid

Tuesday 01-03

Q: About half of all Americans are trying to do this on any given day. What?
A: diet

Friday 12-23

Q: 7 out of 10 people always fake this. What?
A: that we like our Xmas present

Thursday 12-22

Q: 62% of us always do this when we wrap gifts. What?
A: use bows

Wednesday 12-21

Q: 11% of people who throw holiday parties at home do THIS. What?
A: put cheap liquor in expensive bottles

Tuesday 12-20

Q: If Kenjamin forgets what the question was, it does THIS. What?
A: ruins your day

Monday 12-19

Q: If you do this today, this can improve your self-esteem by 41%. What?
A: stand up straight

Friday 12-16

Q: 22% of the ladies say THIS is the greatest sound in the world. What?
A: a wine bottle opening

Thursday 12-15

Q: 65% of ‘Merican households use these, compared to 60% last year at this time. What?
A: credit cards

Wednesday 12-14

Q: During the holidays, it takes 5 seconds for the average person to do this. What?
A: decide whether or not they like a gift

Tuesday 12-13

Q: 72% of people say this is their number one holiday pet peeve. What?
A: waiting in lines

Monday 12-12

Q: Q: The average family will do this about fifteen times this holiday season. What?
A: eat out

Friday 12-09

Q: During December, 28 of these are sold EVERY SECOND. What?

Thursday 12-08

Q: 42% of women 25-42 say they’re more likely to date a guy if he has these. What?
A: attractive female friends

Wednesday 12-07

Q: A girl will do this 164 times during her teenage years, on average… what is it?
A: slam a door

Tuesday 12-06

Q: If you’re average, you’ll stare at this 36 hours this year. What?
A: the refrigerator

Monday 12-05

Q: 40 percent of Americans say this was their most recent big-money purchase. What?
A: a mattress

Friday 12-02

Q: More than half of us are jealous of their friends’… What?
A: big screen TV

Thursday 12-01

Q: Married men say that women who have THIS make better wives. What?
A: a brother

Wednesday 11-30

Q: On the average, we say this an average of 14 times a week. What?
A: “I’m fine”

Monday 11-28

Q: 44% of Thanksgiving dinners had THIS. What?
A: a kid’s table

Wednesday 11-23

Q: The average ‘merican will burn 71 calories doing this on Thanksgiving. What?
A: eating

Tuesday 11-22

Q: 17% of people are in urgent care the day after Thanksgiving because of THIS. What?
A: football injuries

Monday 11-21

Q: 47% of people say THIS is ESSENTIAL for their Thanksgiving table. What?
A: a centerpiece

Tuesday 11-15

Q: 1 in 5 women always do this when they stay in a hotel. Only 1 in 15 guys do. What?
A: make the bed

Monday 11-14

Q: A third of us say we can’t get through the day without this. What?
A: a nap

Thursday 11-10

Q: 27% of us already have this done. What?
A: Xmas lights

Wednesday 11-09

According to YouTube, this was voted as the number one most helpful video. What?
A: how to boil eggs

Tuesday 11-08

Q: 7% of people say that because of this presidential campaign, THIS has happened to them. What?
A: they’ve lost a friend

Monday 11-07

Q: 5% of people admit they’ve broken up with people over this. What?
A: they talk in their sleep

Friday 11-04

Q: The average person spends 15 months of their life doing this. What?
A: deciding what to watch on TV

Thursday 11-03

Q: More than 50% of van owners have THIS in common. What?
A: they DON’T have kids!

Wednesday 11-02

Q: 33% of women say they always judge a man by this. What?
A: his ring tones

Tuesday 11-01

Q: Kit-Kats were the most popular Halloween candy this year. What was the LEAST popular?
A: Smarties

Monday 10-31

Q: 31% of us do this at home. 69% of us do it at work. What?
A: wash our car

Thursday 10-27

Q: 42% of us say THIS is the grossest thing a coworker can do. What?
A: walk around barefoot

Wednesday 10-26

Q: 33% of us do this in the shower. What?
A: face the shower head

Tuesday 10-25

Q: 10% of families don’t do this at dinner. What?
A: save the leftovers

Thursday 10-20

Q: 81% of us say we would do this, if it meant we’d never have another cold. What?
A: take a pay cut

Wednesday 10-19

Q: In the last ten years, THIS has increased in weight by 40%. What?
A: a woman’s purse

Tuesday 10-18

Q: Women take 22 seconds longer to do this than men, in a car. What?
A: parallel park

Monday 10-17

Q: 4 in 10 wives suspect that their husbands secretly when they are by themselves. What?
A: try their makeup

Friday 10-14

Q: 42% of guys say women should NEVER do this. What?
A: mow the lawn

Thursday 10-13

Q: 42% of couples always do this separately. What?
A: laundry

Wednesday 10-12

Q: 95% of women NEVER do this. What?
A: go to bed with makeup on

Thursday 10-06

Q: 2 out of 3 working women say this has helped them in their career. What?
A: their perfume

Wednesday 10-05

Q: 30% of us say this is the most embarrassing thing to do in public. What?
A: get caught with your tummy rumbling

Tuesday 10-04

Q: 72% of us wish we had more of THIS in our lives. What?
A: sleep

Monday 10-03

Q: The average adult started doing this at the age of fifteen. What?
A: drinking coffee

Friday 09-30

Q: 30% of us take the same lunch to work every single day. The number 1 thing they take is a cheese sandwich. What’s number 2?
A: Ham sandwich

Thursday 09-29

Q: 42% of people say they LOVE this. 27% are terrified of it. What?

A: thunder

Wednesday 09-28

Q: 1 in 3 of us say we always ask a stranger to borrow this. What?

A: phone charger

Tuesday 09-27

Q: A survey asking people what thing they would hypnotize their spouses to do… this was the number one thing. What?

A: clean the house

Monday 09-26

Q: 1 in 3 men say they never EVER want their Mom to know they have this. What?

A: a motorcycle

Friday 09-23

Q: 44% of ‘Mericans don’t have any of this. What?

A: savings

Thursday 09-22

Q: 61% of women over 45 say they are better at this than men their age. What?

A: looking good

Wednesday 09-21

Q: 24% of us lose this at least once a year. What?

A: a credit card

Tuesday 09-20

Q: 22% of women always take this with them to the gym. What?

A: makeup

Monday 09-19

Q: Doctors tell us to use this stuff regularly, but only 25% of women do. What?

A: sunscreen

Friday 09-16

Q: 11% of us say that if we have one of THESE, we’re more attractive to the opposite sex. What?
A: a pet

Thursday 09-15

Q: 62% of us do this when we eat. What?
A: use paper plates

Wednesday 09-14

Q: The average person will accumulate over 160 of these in their lifetime. What?
A: toothbrushes

Tuesday 09-13

Q: 12% of people say that when they break up with someone, they find this out about them. What?
A: that they’re in debt up to their eyeballs

Friday 09-09

Q: 22% of people are more likely to get in a fight with their significant other, if they do THIS. What?
A: skip the coffee

Thursday 09-08

Q: 42% of women say they are trying to cut back on this this year. What?
A: gossiping

Wednesday 09-07

Q: 6500 people are injured by these every year. What?
A: pillows

Tuesday 09-06

Q: 59% of men still have THIS from their childhood. What?
A: a best friend

Thursday 09-01

Q: 22% of us always do this WITHOUT our significant other. What?
A: go shopping

Wednesday 08-31

Q: 25% of people say THIS is how they make ends meet. What?
A: avoiding doctor visits

Tuesday 08-30

Q: A new study says if you are an average guy, you will spend 27 minutes a day doing this. What?
A: talking about sports

Monday 08-29

Q: The average man first starts doing this at age 35. What?
A: trimming his ear hair

Friday 08-26

Q: According to a recent survey, most people say THIS is the thing they are MOST AFRAID OF in their house. What?
A: the garbage disposal

Thursday 08-25

Q: 45% of guys always fall asleep while doing this. What?
A: getting a haircut

Wednesday 08-24

Q: 62% of drivers do not know how to do THIS. What?
A: jump-start a car

Tuesday 08-23

Q: The second most popular food item purchased at airports is Lay’s potato chips. What is #1?
A: peanut M&Ms

Monday 08-22

Q: Q: With the kids going back to school, 25% of parents say they are going to do this. What?
A: start their Xmas shopping

Friday 08-19

Q: 38% of us say we don’t have one of these at work. What?
A: a friend

Thursday 08-18

Q: 33% of men haven’t changed their opinion about this since they were kids. What?
A: their favorite cereal

Wednesday 08-17

Q: 27% of singles aged 25-34 say THIS is a relationship deal-breaker. What?
A: if they don’t like the same TV shows

Tuesday 08-16

Q: Over a third of all managers don’t do this anymore. What?
A: check the info on resumés

Monday 08-15

Q: 62% of us MEAN to do this on our vacation, but never manage to do it. What?
A: unplug from tech devices

Monday 08-08

Q: One in five parents say THIS is their biggest regret. What?
A: their kid’s name

Friday 08-05

Q: The number of women doing THIS has gone up 20% the past ten years. What?
A: robbing banks

Thursday 08-04

Q: THIS happens to most people about 17 times a year. What?
A: getting bitten by an insect

Wednesday 08-03

Q: A new study says that if you deal with these right after work, you will greatly increase your stress level. What?
A: emails

Tuesday 08-02

Q: 65% of parents did this weekend activity when they were kids. But only 42% do it with their own kids now. What?
A: camping

Monday 08-01

Q: 22% of Mericans have never done this, and plan to never do it. What?
A: flying in a plane

Friday 07-29

Q: Forty-six percent of parents are worried their kids will follow in their footsteps when it comes to this. What?
A: how they drive

Thursday 07-28

Q: A survey of car-related heat mishaps shows that 55% of us have experienced this. What?
A: melted candy or chocolate

Wednesday 07-27

Q: 77% of these are eaten for breakfast. What?
A: raisins

Tuesday 07-26

Q: 45% of guys are concerned about how masculine they look when doing this. What?
A: order drinks

Monday 07-25

Q: Men are four times more likely to lose this than women. What?
A: their hearing

Friday 07-22

Q: We are 3 times more likely to do this at work on Friday than on any other day. What?
A: flirt

Thursday 07-21

Q: We forget this at least once a day. What?
A: what day it is

Wednesday 07-20

Q: Men do this for about 42 minutes more a week than women. What?
A: eating

Tuesday 07-19

Q: 52% of us say THIS was our favorite thing to play with as a kid. What?
A: a swing set

Monday 07-18

Q: According to a new survey, coffee is number one. What’s the number TWO thing that gets ya going on a Monday?
A: your favorite music

Friday 07-15

Q: According to a new survey, only one in five of us have taken part in this childhood activity as an adult. What?
A: climbing a tree

Thursday 07-14

Q: One third of men have lied about liking this… What?
A: golf

Wednesday 07-13

Q: Many parents think doing this for their kids is a great idea, but 30 percent think it’s a terrible idea. What?
A: letting them win at games

Tuesday 07-12

Q: 2% of kids born in the US this year will go through life without this.
A: a middle name

Monday 07-11

Q: 58% of us will do this when we eat today. What?
A: eat off paper plates

Friday 07-08

Q: According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Americans say they would support this as their national food. What?
A: bacon

Thursday 07-07

Q: There is a 32% chance that you will do this on your next vacation. What?
A: forget something

Wednesday 07-06

Q: This is the number one excuse most people use to get out of a social event. What?
A: It’s not in the budget

Tuesday 07-05

Q: 61% of brides will not rent a wedding venue if it doesn’t have THIS. What?
A: wi-fi

Thursday 06-30

Q: 52% of us always do this, but we hate it when it is done to us. What?
A: taking a bite of someone else’s food

Wednesday 06-29

Q: Over a thousand injuries a year happen from this summertime cooking tool. What?
A: wire grill brush

Tuesday 06-28

Q: 42% of us ask to borrow THIS on a daily basis. What?
A: phone charger

Monday 06-27

Q: 75% of people would rather do THIS than floss. What?
A: grocery shop

Friday 06-24

Q: 22% of people admit they always steal THIS from restaurants. What?
A: toilet paper

Thursday 06-23

Q: 47% of guys experience this personal problem on a daily basis. What?
A: a wedgie

Wednesday 06-22

Q: Women are four times more likely to do this in the shower than men. What?
A: clean the shower

Tuesday 06-21

Q: The most common one of these measures between 3 and 5 inches. What?
A: high heel

Monday 06-20

Q: 75% of Dads say they spent just as much, if not MORE time doing THIS, that their own Dads did. What?
A: spending time with the kiddos

Friday 06-10

Q: THIS is the most requested tattoo for women over 50. What?
A: a rose

Thursday 06-09

Q: One in 7 of us use our car cupholders for THIS. What?
A: trash

Wednesday 06-08

Q: 25% of people have kept this a secret from their partner. What is it?
A: a traffic ticket

Tuesday 06-07

Q: 1 in 6 people surveyed say THIS is their biggest regret in life. What?
A: not traveling enough

Monday 06-06

Q: 70% of employees admit to stealing office supplies. And THIS is what they steal the most. What?
A: Post-it notes

Friday 06-03

Q: About 20 percent of us are thinking about this right now. And it isn’t lunch. What is it?
A: quitting our job

Thursday 06-02

Q: Over half of women say they will eat THIS this summer, but men say no.
A: veggie burgers

Wednesday 06-01

Q: We spend about 9 minutes a day doing THIS. What?
A: looking for our keys

Tuesday 05-31

Q: When it comes to grilling out, 33% of Americans have THIS. What?
A: 2 or more BBQs

Friday 05-27

Q: 1 in 3 of us say that someone has stolen this from them at the office. What?
A: an idea

Thursday 05-26

Q: 40% of people say they can tell more about a person from THIS more than their Facebook page. What?
A: tattoos

Wednesday 05-25

Q: 41% of women go out on a Friday or Saturday night with THIS in their purse. What?
A: a pair of shoes

Tuesday 05-24

Q: 33% of 2 million people polled said THIS was the biggest barrier to having a happy life. What?
A: not enough time

Monday 05-23

Q: 2% of us never, ever, ever do this. What?
A: clean out the fridge

Friday 05-20

Q: The average American has about 90,000 of these. What?
A: miles on their car

Thursday 05-19

Q: 32% of bosses do not approve of this in the workplace. What?
A: messy desks

Wednesday 05-18

Q: The average American will spend six days a year doing this at home. What?
A: doing dishes by hand

Tuesday 05-17

Q: Americans travel more than 2 billion miles per year on this mode of transportation. What?
A: elevators and escalators

Monday 05-16

Q: 22% of us admit to doing this late at night. What?
A: going through the neighbor’s trash

Friday 05-13

Q: 25% of people admit they snack here. Where?
A: grocery store

Thursday 05-12

Q: A new survey shows that only 3% of American adults have ever done this. What?
A: moved

Wednesday 05-11

Q: If you’re an average person, it’ll take you 5 hours and 40 minutes to do this. What?
A: read a book

Tuesday 05-10

Q: Each year 6,000 Americans are injured by these. What?
A: pillows

Monday 05-09

Q: 91% of Mom’s wanted THIS for Mother’s Day. What?
A: a home cooked meal

Friday 05-06

Q: 11% of us did this the last time we took a sick day. What?
A: cared for a sick pet

Thursday 05-05

Q: Americans go through 185,000 of these an HOUR. What?
A: margaritas

Wednesday 05-04

Q: After leaving a job, 31% of U.S. employees say they have gone and done this. What?
A: gone back to a previous employer

Tuesday 05-03

Q: This is the number one item in the average ‘Murican’s pantry. What?
A: Mac & Cheese

Monday 05-02

Q: 4 in 10 people say they can tell more about people from THIS than from their Facebook page. What?
A: their tattoos

Thursday 04-28

Q: When ‘Muricans were asked what they HAD to have in their dream home, 27% of them said this. What?
A: a private library

Wednesday 04-27

Q: Administrative professionals (secretaries) say this is the number one thing that bosses could do to increase their job satisfaction. What?
A: show respect

Tuesday 04-26

Q: Parents and children do this together for at least an hour a day. What?
A: chit-chat

Monday 04-25

Q: You will live 15% longer if you live near this. What?
A: nature

Friday 04-22

Q: 77% of women say that having time to do this on the weekend makes them happier in their relationship. What?
A: spend time with their friends

Thursday 04-21

Q: A survey says that the first thing we all do when we check into a hotel is this. What?
A: check the wi-fi

Wednesday 04-20

Q: A survey of more than 2 million people revealed that 6:30 at night is when most people do this. What?
A: drink wine

Tuesday 04-19

Q: 15% of us will do this in a parking lot today. What?
A: hit and run/em>

Monday 04-18

Q: The average ‘Murican spends $85 hundred a year on this. What?
A: taxes

Friday 04-15

Q: We spend 65 hours a year doing this. What?
A: making breakfast

Thursday 04-14

Q: The average woman has about 4 of these. The average guy has about 15. What?
A: hats

Wednesday 04-13

Q: 62% of women will do this within 30 minutes of waking up. What?
A: swear

Tuesday 04-12

Q: 24% of us do not go anywhere without this. What?
A: gum or mints

Monday 04-11

Q: Only 3.5% of us meet the requirements for this type of lifestyle. What?
A: healthy lifestyle

Friday 04-08

Q: 33% of us always do this before throwing a party. What?
A: hide the valuables

Thursday 04-07

Q: 57% of us are willing to share all their personal info, in exchange for this. What?
A: money, honey

Wednesday 04-06

Q: 22% of us will catch ourselves singing this out loud today. What?
A: our fave commercial jingle

Tuesday 04-05

Q: The average man will lose this at age 53. What?
A: Their fashion sense

Monday 04-04

Q: 22% of ‘Muricans don’t know this about their car. What?
A: where their spare tire is

Friday 04-01

Q: 47% of people who buy mini vans this year have THIS in common. What?
A: they DON’T have kids!

Thursday 03-31

Q: 10% of us always believe we are consistently THIS. What?
A: lucky

Wednesday 03-30

Q: Violet, chocolate and clove were the first three flavors of THIS. What?
A: Life Savers

Tuesday 03-29

Q: 99% of us say the red one is the best one. What?
A: jelly beans

Monday 03-28

Q: 45% of us always do this, when we go to the doctor. What?
A: lie

Friday 03-25

Q: On the average, this lasts about 70 months. What?
A: currency

Thursday 03-24

Q: 13% of us have never had this. What?
A: coffee

Wednesday 03-23

Q: 33% of people have this on their desk at work. What?
A: a candy dish

Tuesday 03-22

Q: 65% of women say a man is UNDATEABLE if he has this. What?
A: a man bun

Monday 03-21

Q: 72% of us believe that these exist. What?
A: soulmates

Friday 03-18

Q: 73% of us always drink when this happens. What?
A: having a good day

Thursday 03-17

Q: 70% of drivers do not know how to use these. What?
A: jumper cables

Wednesday 03-16

Q: 70% of ‘Muricans think these state employees are overpaid. What?
A: college basketball coaches

Tuesday 03-15

Q: According to Tinder, women who are physical therapists get the most date requests. Men who are THIS profession receive the most. What?
A: pilots

Monday 03-14

Q: Over 40% of ‘Muricans call technical support for this. What?
A: password help

Friday 03-11

Q: According to a new survey, the most popular online dating profiles are the ones that have this. What?
A: correct spelling and grammar

Thursday 03-10

Q: According to a new study, doing this to your food before you eat it can actually make it taste better. What?
A: taking a picture of it

Wednesday 03-09

Q: Nearly 50% of married men say this is their least favorite thing to do. What?
A: watch chick flicks

Tuesday 03-08

Q: According to a new study, the key to a happy relationship is saying this to your partner on a regular basis. What?
A: “Thank you”

Monday 03-07

Q: The average woman will do this over 475 times over the course of her life. What?
A: wear shoes that don’t fit

Friday 03-04

Q: According to a recent survey, over 60% of men and women believe it is not appropriate to do this until after the third date. What?
A: talk about politics

Thursday 03-03

Q: 75% of women say they need THIS to be able to work at a job. Only 60% of men need it. What?
A: to like their co-workers

Wednesday 03-02

Q: If you are under age 35, you use these 4 hours a day. What?
A: headphones

Tuesday 03-01

Q: 11% of us will spend our tax refund on this, and they do it every year. What?
A: a new car

Monday 02-29

Q: Women do this the best at age 30, while men peak at age 36. What?
A: dressing themselves

Friday 02-26

Q: People in Mississippi do this more slowly than people do in any other state. What?
A: talk

Thursday 02-25

Q: 15% of guys have asked for help with this on a first date. What?
A: paying for gas

Wednesday 02-24

Q: 40% of us do this at least once a day. What?
A: tell a lie

Tuesday 02-23

Q: Contrary to popular belief, men spend 42 more minutes a week doing this than women do. What?
A: eating

Monday 02-22

Q: According to a recent survey, 12 percent of people say they do this to save money. What?
A: switch price tags

Friday 02-19

Q: Over 10,000 people in the U.S. are injured by one of these every year. What?
A: musical instruments

Thursday 02-18

Q: 22% of adults always lie to their kids about this. What?
A: the death of a pet

Wednesday 02-17

Q: 1 in 10 pharmacists say this is the number one question they get every day. What?
A: Can I take this with alcohol?

Tuesday 02-16

Q: Over 32 million Facebook accounts have this in common. What?
A: The owner is dead.

Monday 02-15

Q: The number one thing that gets in the way of us being healthy is this. What?
A: work

Friday 02-12

Q: 62% of men of all ages say that they would like this for Valentine’s Day. What?
A: flowers

Thursday 02-11

Q: 55% of couples dating consider sharing this with each other an important step forward in their relationship. What?
A: a Netflix account

Wednesday 02-10

Q: Men prefer to do this first thing in the morning, but women prefer to wait until after dinner. What?
A: exchange Valentine gifts

Tuesday 02-09

Q: 22% of homes have this, it doesn’t work, and we don’t care. What?
A: broken doorbell

Monday 02-08

Q: The average amount that is spent on the “perfect” Valentines Day is… what??
A: $150

Friday 02-05

Q: 1 in 5 adults say that this was easy as a teenager, but not any more. What?
A: passing the driver’s test

Thursday 02-04

Q: In a new survey, women were asked what they HATE to see men wear. What was their #1 answer?
A: leather pants

Wednesday 02-03

Q: 41% of people watching TV are also doing this. What?
A: researching the show on their smart phone

Tuesday 02-02

Q: One out of 25 people carry one of these with them at all times. What?
A: a Benjamin ($100 bill)

Monday 02-01

Q: The average person will do this 4 times a week. What?
A: shampoo their hair

Friday 01-29

Q: 1 in 5 kids knows this about their parents. What?
A: their online password

Thursday 01-28

Q: 51% of women, when feeling down, will always buy this. What?
A: new makeup

Wednesday 01-27

Q: It takes the average person about 5 and a half hours to do this. What?
A: read a book

Tuesday 01-26

Q: 62% of guys who have one of these, never use it. What?
A: convertible top

Monday 01-25

Q: Over 3200 people went to the E.R. last year because of this. What?
A: tripped over a laundry basket

Friday 01-22

Q: 81% of ‘Muricans say this is the most trusted professional. What?
A: nurses

Thursday 01-21

Q: 77% of us say we always do this alone, but would prefer to do it with a partner. What?
A: drive to work

Tuesday 01-19

Q: The average woman criticizes themselves 10 times a day, and for 22% of them, this is the number one thing they criticize. What?
A: not making enough money

Monday 01-18

Q: In 2016 there will be ten of these. What?
A: federal holidays

Friday 01-15

Q: Last year, 27 people died doing this. What?
A: taking selfies

Thursday 01-14

Q: There are about 965 of these in the United States. What?
A: billionaires

Wednesday 01-13

Q: 1 in 8 of us always have this on us at all times. What?
A: deodorant

Tuesday 01-12

Q: 1 in 7 married men say they never ever do this at home. What?
A: change the toilet paper roll

Monday 01-11

Q: There have been 28 major Hollywood movies made about this. What?
A: video games

Friday 01-08

Q: This is the number one thing we like to brag about saving money on. What?
A: vacation

Wednesday 01-06

Q: 1% of people in ‘Murica spend at least 50 bucks a day on this. What?
A: lunch

Tuesday 01-05

Q: 54% of us do this before we take a selfie. What?
A: practice their selfie face

Monday 01-04

Q: 57% of us say that THIS is our New Year’s resolution for 2016. What?
A: find a new job

Wednesday 12-23

When asked what is the naughtiest thing they’ve done all year, 22% said this. What?
A: cheated on their taxes

Tuesday 12-22

36% of adults participate in this Christmas activity every year. What?
A: caroling

Monday 12-21

When men and women move in together, women throw out $400 worth of guy stuff. What is the number one thing they throw out?
A: old t-shirts


Friday 12-18

A new survey says 62% of office holiday parties have this. What?
A: alcohol

Thursday 12-17

If you’re an average person, you will go through 19 of these in your lifetime. What?
A: doctors

Wednesday 12-16

Q: 7% of us always hide our CHRISTmas presents here. What?
A: inside luggage

Tuesday 12-15

Q: 40% of people do this at dinner every night. What?
A: salt their food

Monday 12-14

Q: You will spend $140 more than you planned to on this. What?
A: xmas presents

Friday 12-11

Q: This week, you will use over five different ones of these. What?
A: passwords

Thursday 12-10

Q: 65% of women always want this for xmas. What?
A: lingerie

Wednesday 12-09

Q: On the average, you will make $3000 more a year if you are this. What?
A: left handed

Monday 12-07

Q: It takes us four months to do this, beginning January first. What?
A: lose our holiday weight

Friday 12-04

Q: Women believe this is one of the top fashion mistakes men always make. What?
A: high water pants

Thursday 12-03

Q: 82% of us have already done this this season. What?
A: bought an Xmas gift for themselves

Wednesday 12-02

Q: The average person will spend 22 minutes every night doing this. What?
A: putting the kids to bed

Tuesday 12-01

Q: When you buy this product, you only ever use 85% of it. What?
A: bread

Monday 11-30

Q: One in 10 people have accidentally done this while cheering for their favorite team. What?
A: break their cell phone

Wednesday 11-25

Q: According to the Butterball turkey hotline, this is the number one question on Thanksgiving morning. What?
A: What do I do… my turkey’s still frozen.

Tuesday 11-24

Q: 55% of people who do this outside of work, do this because they want to be a better person, and say they learned it from a coworker. What?
A: volunteering

Monday 11-23

Q: The happiest relationships are ones in which one partner does this a lot to the other. What?
A: saying “thank you”

Friday 11-20

Q: This is the #1 lie that kids are most likely to tell. What?
A: “I brushed my teeth”

Thursday 11-19

Q: About 20 percent of us are thinking about this right now. And it isn’t lunch. What is it?
A: quitting our job

Wednesday 11-18

Q: According to a new survey, this is the most popular nickname we give our baby. What?
A: peanut

Tuesday 11-17

Q: On average, we do this 6-8 times a week, at work. What?
A: sit in meetings

Monday 11-16

Q: Women say their go-to comfort food is ice cream. What is men’s? What?
A: soup

Friday 11-13

Q: This happens between 1 and 3 times a year, and it happens to everybody. What?
A: Friday the 13th

Thursday 11-12

Q: 38% of women get a haircut for this reason. What?
A: Drivers license photo

Wednesday 11-11

Q: There are almost 20 million of these in ‘Murica. What?
A: living veterans

Tuesday 11-10

Q: 40% of men say their wife has this irritating trait. What?
A: backseat driving

Monday 11-09

Q: Parents say this to their child about 15 times a month. What?
A: “Tie your shoes”

Friday 11-06

Q: If you are an average person, you will use 657 of these over the course of your lifetime. What?
A: bars of soap

Thursday 11-05

Q: 22% of us say this is the most annoying human sound. What?
A: throat clearing

Wednesday 11-04

Q: 32% of us say we got this as a gift, but we never use it. What?
A: a blender

Tuesday 11-03

Q: 67% of us say we would support this as America’s National Food. What?
A: bacon

Monday 11-02

Q: 22% of us say it’s a huge dealbreaker if our partner asks us to do this. What?
A: switch bed side for sleeping

Friday 10-30

Q: “Samhainophobia” is the fear of what?
A: Halloween

Thursday 10-29

Q: 12% of us know this about ourselves. What?
A: our blood type

Wednesday 10-28

Q: 22% of people will have this for dinner tonight. What?
A: rice

Tuesday 10-27

Q: 79% of people who have this in their house say they have never, ever used it. What?
A: a pool table

Monday 10-26

Q: Couples will fight about this at least once a month. What?
A: closet space

Friday 10-23

Q: The average person will do this for an hour today. What?
A: look for lost stuff

Thursday 10-22

Q: The average American house has three of these that no longer work. What?
A: air fresheners

Wednesday 10-21

Q: 41% of women dress as this for Halloween. What?
A: cat

Tuesday 10-20

Q: 85% of us say we are way better than our co-workers at this. What?
A: doing our jobs

Monday 10-19

Q: The average person says the farthest they would drive for this is 100 miles. What?
A: to retrieve a cell phone

Friday 10-16

Q: One hundred years ago, the number one cause of death in the world was pneumonia. The second was tuberculosis. What was the THIRD biggest cause of death in 1915?
A: diarrhea

Thursday 10-15

Q: The average person will do this about 25 times today. What?
A: complain

Wednesday 10-14

Q: 71% of us always experience this. What?
A: deja vu

Friday 10-09

Q: 20% of single men and 40% of single women will respond to a dating ad, if the person has this. What?
A: a dog

Thursday 10-08

Q: 1 in 12 parents go online to do this. What?
A: get help with their kids’ homework

Wednesday 10-07

Q: 10% of people admit to doing this while driving. What?
A: watching a movie

Tuesday 10-06

Q: The average ‘Murican eats about 11 pounds of this a year. What?
A: cereal

Monday 10-05

Q: When we think of this, we usually think of kids… but 72% of adults cannot do this. What?
A: make a yo-yo work

Friday 10-02

Q: 38 million Americans use these every day, 2/3 of them, women. What?
A: contact lenses

Thursday 10-01

Q: A new study says that THIS is the first thing most people learn to cook. What?
A: mac & cheese

Wednesday 09-30

Q: 72% of people said their favorite childhood memory was this. What?
A: family vacations

Tuesday 09-29

Q: Men who have one of these earn 25% more than men who don’t. What?
A: wives

Monday 09-28

Q: The average person goes through over 3,654 of these a day. What?
A: calories

Friday 09-25

Q: 37% of people said they’d even do THIS to pay off their student loans. What?
A: eat ramen noodles every day for a year

Thursday 09-24

Q: French fries are the #1 most addictive food. What is #2?
A: M&Ms

Wednesday 09-23

Q: 22% of us are thinking of doing this right now. What?
A: quitting our job

Tuesday 09-22

Q: 32% of us do this at our favorite sporting event. What?
A: cry when our team loses

Monday 09-21

Q: This improves men’s health dramatically… but it does nothing for women. What?
A: getting married

Friday 09-18

Q: Everyone does this differently. What?
A: save money

Thursday 09-17

Q: 65% of people do this on their smartphones, but never in person. What?
A: say “I love you”

Wednesday 09-16

Q: 65% of newlyweds have one of these at their wedding, but half of them know about it. What?
A: an ex-spouse

Tuesday 09-15

Q: 22% of women do this while they’re getting ready for work in the morning. What?
A: drop their makeup in the toilet

Monday 09-14

Q: It takes twice as long to do this on a Monday as it does for any other day. What?
A: decide what’s for dinner

Friday 09-11

Q: Today is the second biggest day of the year for sales of this. What?
A: US flags

Thursday 09-10

Q: You’ll spend $111.00 on this, this year, if you decide to do it. What?
A: fantasy football

Wednesday 09-09

Q: Most AMURICANS say that THIS was the thing that made them first feel like an adult. What?
A: buying a house

Tuesday 09-08

Q: The average price of this today is $3.19. What?
A: tooth fairy money

Friday 09-04

Q: 30% of Americans are late to work because of this. What?
A: a hangover

Thursday 09-03

Q: People who bring their own bags to the grocery store have a lot of this in their carts. What?
A: junk food

Wednesday 09-02

Q: We wasted 22 hours of our Summer because of this. What?
A: being hungover

Tuesday 09-01

Q: This is the number one superstition everyone believes in. What?
A: “knock on wood”

Monday 08-31

Q: 25% of us will go to another city to do this. What?
A: get married.

Friday 08-28

Q: 82% of homeowners have one of these. What?
A: a welcome mat.

Thursday 08-27

Q: Americans lose 50 million dollars a year doing this. What?
A: leaving money in the vending machine.

Wednesday 08-26

Q: 32% of us say this is our biggest worry, on a daily basis. What?
A: waking up to the alarm.

Tuesday 08-25

Q: The #1 most outdated item in your kitchen is spices. #2 is this. What?
A: cans of soup.

Monday 08-24

Q: Women do this more in the car than men. What?
A: curse at other drivers.

Thursday 08-20

Q: The number one thing women wish their husband didn’t own is this. What?
A: golf clubs.

Wednesday 08-19

Q: Over 7,000 people die each year because of a doctor doing this. What?
A: using sloppy handwriting.

Tuesday 08-18

Q: The best compliment a guy can get is “You’re funny!” For women, it’s this. What?
A: “You have a beautiful smile.”

Monday 08-17

Q: We budget an average of $520.00 for this. What?
A: gambling, when we visit Las Vegas

Friday 08-14

Q: 42% of married guys will do this this weekend. What?
A: hide from their wives to avoid doing chores

Thursday 08-13

Q: 72% of social media users are more likely to post a picture of this adult beverage than any other. What?
A: margarita

Wednesday 08-12

Q: 4 in 10 people have one of these very expensive items, but they never use it. What?
A: a law degree

Tuesday 08-11

Q: 35% of us fixate on THIS before we work out. What?
A: pain and suffering

Monday 08-10

Q: This is the number one rule in everyone’s house. What?
A: no feet on the furniture

Thursday 08-06

Q: 7% of people say this is a secret they never want to get out. What?

Wednesday 08-05

Q: 25% of us admit to stealing this from restaurants. What?
A: toilet paper

Tuesday 08-04

Q: 15% of pet owners have this for their pets. What?
A: pet insurance

Monday 08-03

Q: 4% of people report that this has happened to them on a bidness trip. What?
A: they got arrested

Friday 07-31

Q: 17% of guys admit to doing this at the beach. What?
A: take pictures of hot gurls

Thursday 07-30

Q: 32% of us have seen a coworker here. Where?
A: dating web sites

Wednesday 07-29

Q: 22% of people would pay extra for their airline ticket if it included this. What?
A: the chance to get off the plane first

Tuesday 07-28

Q: If there are ten or more of these on your street, you feel seven years younger. What?
A: trees

Monday 07-27

Q: 12% of arguments that couples get into are directly related to this. What?
A: past relationships

Friday 07-24

Q: The average person only knows five of these by heart. What?
A: recipes

Thursday 07-23

Q: We will do this over two million times in our lifetime. What?
A: swear

Wednesday 07-22

Q: 24% of us do this at least once a week, at work. What?
A: go home and change clothes

Tuesday 07-21

Q: If you do this after the age of 32, you have a greater chance of divorcing. What?
A: get married

Monday 07-20

Q: 56% of women won’t go on a second date because of this. What?
A: too much cologne/body spray

Friday 07-17

Q: 13% of us are deathly afraid of this. What?
A: hypnosis

Thursday 07-16

Q: The price of one of these will change 70 times before it’s sold. What?
A: an airline ticket

Wednesday 07-15

Q: 20% of us will change our Summer travel plans because of this. What?
A: a negative online review


Tuesday 07-14

Q: If you’re an average ‘Merican you’ll have just over 70,000 of these in your lifetime. What?
A: cups o’ coffee


Monday 07-13

Q: ‘Mericans buy enough of this every year to circle the globe almost six times. What?
A: weed whacker line


Thursday 07-09

Q: 21% of women would give this up for a week, instead of their smartphone. What?
A: their best friend

Wednesday 07-08

Q: 80% of us have at least one of these, but most don’t appreciate it until we’re 28. What?
A: a sibling

Tuesday 07-07

Q: 17% of women always do this before they get on the scale. What?
A: blow dry their hair

Monday 07-06

Q: 7% of us do this on the way to work. What?
A: play games on their phone

Thursday 07-02

Q: This only takes a second, but only 11% of us do this. What?
A: say “bless you” when people sneeze

Wednesday 07-01

Q: 59% of us say this is what we really miss when on vacation. What?
A: our co-workers

Tuesday 06-30

Q: 29% of men are doing this and nobody knows. What?
A: dieting

Monday 06-29

Q: 78% of guys say they definitely judge another guy by this. What?
A: his ringtone

Friday 06-26

Q: According to a new survey, this is the number one deal breaker on a first date. What?
A: a credit card gets declined

Thursday 06-25

Q: 7 out of 10 people say we are always more attractive when we wear these. What?
A: sunglasses

Wednesday 06-24

Q: Steph occasionally does this when Ken is away. What?
A: forgets what Wednesday’s Pointless Question was

Tuesday 06-23

Q: 22% of us daydream about this at work. What?
A: what they are watching on TV that night

Monday 06-22

Q: 44% of women can’t stand this about their man. What?
A: their taste in music

Friday 06-19

Q: 17% of us say that this is the best. smell. ever. What?
A: the ocean

Thursday 06-18

Q: 33% of new graduating teens will not do this this year. What?
A: get a job

Wednesday 06-17

Q: Couples who do NOT complain about this, tend to have better marriages. What?
A: flatulence

Tuesday 06-16

Q: The average ‘Murican does this 4 days a month. What?
A: starts a diet

Monday 06-15

Q: This is the number one thing we all forget when packing for vacation. What?
A: swimsuits

Friday 06-12

Q: People the world over agree that this should have never been invented. What?
A: karaoke (amen!)

Thursday 06-11

Q: 69% of women would rather pay someone than have their husband do this. What?
A: auto repair

Wednesday 06-10

Q: By the time you’re 35, you will have gone through 10 of these. What?
A: cell phones

Tuesday 06-09

Q: 63% of men find women attractive until they do this. What?
A: kiss them

Monday 06-08

Q: 33% of men do this at least once a week. What?
A: wash their car

Friday 06-05

Q: Boston has more of these per capita than any other city. Canada has more than any other country. What?
A: donut shops

Thursday 06-04

Q: 82% of couples go to bed at different times to do this. What?
A: shop online

Wednesday 06-03

Q: Men are 4 times more likely than women to lose this. What?
A: their hearing

Tuesday 06-02

Q: 1 in 20 guys have tried to cook this on the grill. What?
A: French Fries

Monday 06-01

Q: 45% of guys say that they never do this in the Summer. What?
A: wear sunscreen

Friday 05-29

Q: 17% of us say that this is the best. smell. ever. What?
A: the ocean

Thursday 05-28

Q: 19% of ‘Murican office workers always keep one of these on their desk. What?
A: a candy dish

Wednesday 05-27

Q: 33% of us never leave home without this. What?
A: gum

Tuesday 05-26

Q: The two most common things on our bucket list are going on a cruise, and… what?
A: finding true love

Wednesday 05-20

Q: 33% of us admit that we do this regularly at the office. What?
A: go through coworkers’ desks

Tuesday 05-19

Q: 31% of kids do this without telling their parents. What?
A: go to a concert

Monday 05-18

Q: This is the number one-searched D.I.Y. video on Youtube. What?
A: “how to unclog a toilet”

Friday 05-15

Q: 85% of people who have one of these in their house don’t use this. What?
A: a piano

Thursday 05-14

Q: THIS happens at one in 5 weddings. What?
A: the couple writes their own vows

Wednesday 05-13

Q: 70% of ‘Murican workers under 35 NEVER have to do this. What?
A: wear a suit to work

Tuesday 05-12

Q: One in 20 couples who divorce have THIS in common. What?
A: they get remarried

Monday 05-11

Q: Moms who do this have the most successful kids. What?
A: nag

Friday 05-08

Q: 52% of us have sex interrupted by this. What?
A: noisy pets

Thursday 05-07

Q: This is the new #1 gift that moms want for Mother’s Day. What?
A: a maid to clean their house

Wednesday 05-06

Q: The average woman regrets this within 70 minutes. What?
A: wearing high heels

Tuesday 05-05

Q: 9% of us always leave this in our car. What?
A: our keys

Monday 05-04

Q: 11% of women say this is where they take their selfies. Where?
A: on the toilet

Friday 05-01

Q: 40% of couples argue about this at least once a week. What?
A: social media

Thursday 04-30

Q: 22% of women who do this are happier. What?
A: color their hair

Wednesday 04-29

Q: 50% of people do NOT have one of these in their office. What?
A: a friend

Tuesday 04-28

Q: The average house has about 9 of these, and when you need one you can never find one. What?
A: cell phone chargers

Monday 04-27

Q: 12% of adult men have never worn one of these. What?
A: a tuxedo

Friday 04-24

Q: More than half of us say we’ve done this in a hotel room. What?
A: clean the toilet

Thursday 04-23

Q: 52% of adults say this is the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do. What?
A: quit cursing

Wednesday 04-22

Q: Each ‘Murican eats about 20 pounds of these each year. What?
A: potato chips

Tuesday 04-21

Q: Back in the 70s, the average mom spent seven hours a week doing this. Today it’s 21 hours. What?
A: spending quality time with the kids

Monday 04-20

Q: 55% of adults will NOT go to the gym because of this. What?
A: they hate workout clothes

Friday 04-17

Q: An average ‘Merican has about 6 of these, which they got for free. What?
A: coffee mugs

Thursday 04-16

Q: A new survey finds that the average one of these is $3000. What?
A: tax refund

Wednesday 04-15

Q: A third of people’s happiest dreams are about this. What?
A: flying

Tuesday 04-14

Q: 21% of people put their own safety at risk in order to do this. What?
A: take selfies

Monday 04-13

Q: On average, we do this 4-5 times a week. What?
A: cook

Friday 04-10

Q: An average American gets over 840 of these a year. What?
A: pieces of junk mail

Thursday 04-09

Q: One in 8 of us do this in the drive-thru. What?
A: buy food for our pets

Wednesday 04-08

Q: 23% of people say this is the most annoying sound at work. What?
A: sniffling

Tuesday 04-07

Q: One in 67 ‘Muricans have never done this household chore. What?
A: clean the fridge

Monday 04-06

Q: When you arrive unannounced at someone’s house, this is the first thing you notice. What?
A: smell

Friday 03-27

Q: 37% of single adults first met the person they’re dating here. Where?
A: online

Thursday 03-26

Q: This costs the average person 60 cents per year. What?
A: charging your cell phone


Wednesday 03-25

Q: A new study says if you nap for at least half an hour a day, you’ll have less of this. What?
A: aches and pains

Tuesday 03-24

Q: One third of married couples share this. What?
A: underwear

Monday 03-23

Q: 25% of guys are sick of doing this. What?
A: dieting

Friday 03-20

Q: 17% of us keep these around the house, just for show. What?
A: books

Thursday 03-19

Q: A third of adults have this in their bedroom. What?
A: a night light

Wednesday 03-18

Q: Experts say you’ll eat healthier at a restaurant if you do this. What?
A: know what you’re going to order before you go

St. Paddy’s Day 03-17

Q: 15 million of these are exchanged on St. Paddy’s Day, 1 1/2 million in New York City alone. What?
A: greeting cards

Monday 03-16

Q: When women were asked to name the one thing that romantic men have in common, they said this. What?
A: they’re older

Thursday 03-12

Q: Contrary to popular belief, 70% of parents still do this today. What?
A: spank

Wednesday 03-11

Q: The average man will do this seven times in his life, the average woman, three… and 8% of us will NEVER do this. What?
A: fall in love

Tuesday 03-10

Q: This is the number one most addictive food in ‘Murica. What?
A: chocolate

Monday 03-09

Q: This seems like a lot, but 1 in 5 drivers are doing this right now. What?
A: eating

Tuesday 03-03

Q: Only 11% of ‘muricans do this every night. What?
A: sleep in the nude

Monday 03-02

Q: In your life, you will purchase 58 of these. What?
A: pillows

Friday 02-27

Q: 43% of guys say that this is a turnoff when women do it. What?
A: take selfies

Thursday 02-26

Q: 45% of men LOVE it when women do this. 55% of men HATE it. What?
A: wear lipstick or gloss

Wednesday 02-25

Q: 52% of people who have one of these, share it with everyone. What?
A: their Netflix account

Tuesday 02-24

Q: A new study shows that, among all random acts of kindness, this is the number one act. What?
A: letting someone cut in line

Monday 02-23

Q: The average price of this is $147, and one in six of us will get two this year. What?
A: a speeding ticket

Friday 02-20

Q: 49% of this state’s population doesn’t attend church. Which?
A: Utah

Thursday 02-19

Q: 25% of single women say that if a guy has one of these, it makes him more attractive instantly. What?
A: a dog

Wednesday 02-18

Q: According to a recent survey over 80% of women hate it when their spouse does this. What?
A: sticks his finger in a pot to taste the food

Tuesday 02-17

Q: A recent study shows 59% of men and 66% of women will break up with a prospective partner due to this. What?
A: a bad first kiss

Monday 02-16

Q: The shortest one of these was 64″. What?
A: Presidents


Friday 02-13

Q: When asked what you are most afraid of in your house, this was the most common answer. What?
A: the garbage disposal


Thursday 02-12

Q: 30% of ‘Muricans have THIS for breakfast. What?
A: soda


Wednesday 02-11

Q: One third of ‘Muricans own two or more of these. What?
A: dogs

Tuesday 02-10

Q: 44% of us say that THIS was our latest big money purchase. What?
A: a mattress

Monday 02-09

Q: One in ten adults lie so they don’t have to do this. What?
A: go to a wedding

Friday 02-06

Q: One in six adults say if they could do it all over again, they would do this. What?
A: learn to play an instrument

Thursday 02-05

Q: The average adult will only wait one minute before doing this. What?
A: hanging up when put on hold

Wednesday 02-04

Q: 57% of ‘Murican workers wish their employer had a better quality of THIS. What?
A: coffee

Tuesday 02-03

Q: A brand new survey says this is the number one food that will always wreck your diet. What?
A: chips and salsa


Monday 02-02

Q: The average man has 15 of these, while the average woman has 7. What?
A: hats

Friday 01-30

Q: 1600 people in ‘Merica never, ever touch this. What?
A: money


Thursday 01-29

Q: Before you turn 40, you will have owned 30 of these. What?
A: sunglasses


Wednesday 01-28

Q: 45% of Americans say they are OVER this trendy food. What?
A: bacon


Tuesday 01-27

Q: 2015 is the best chance in awhile that 40% of companies will offer this. What?
A: raises


Monday 01-26

Q: 44% of men and 22% of women wish they had one of these. What?
A: a body piercing


Friday 01-23

Q: 25% of women do this first thing in the morning, and they feel good all day. What?
A: check Facebook


Thursday 01-22

Q: 17% of us never do this because we’re so afraid. What?
A: go to the dentist


Wednesday 01-21

Q: Florida is the ONLY state where you’ll find more of THIS business than McDonald’s.What?
A: tanning salons


Tuesday 01-20

Q: The average ‘Murican guy is looking for three things in a woman, blonde hair, blue eyes… and what?
A: a college degree


Monday 01-19

Q: The average guy owns 4 of these, but 3% of guys say they don’t even have one. What?
A: pairs of jeans


Friday 01-16

Q: A new survey says THIS is the least stressful job there is. What?
A: hair stylist


Thursday 01-15

Q: You will spend 38% less on shopping if you do this. What?
A: shop alone


Wednesday 01-14

Q: In America, 1 person a month dies from this. What?
A: having a vending machine fall on them


Tuesday 01-13

Q: 1 in 5 people say that THIS was the cause of the last time their spouse wouldn’t talk to them. What?
A: throw something of theirs away without asking


Monday 01-12

Q: A new study shows that couples will do this for four more hours in January than during other months. What?
A: argue


Friday 01-09

Q: From New Year’s Eve to Valentine’s Day, it’s the biggest time of the year for this. What?
A: online dating


Thursday 01-08

Q: By the time a women is 32, she will have tried 50 of these. What?
A: hair styles


Wednesday 01-07

Q: 62% of us say this is the ONLY thing that relaxes them after a stressful day. What?
A: hangin’ with their pets


Tuesday 01-06

Q: 11% of us accomplished this in 2014. What?
A: stuck to their New Year’s resolutions


Monday 01-05

Q: A new survey says that 30% of people say their most embarrassing moment happened when they were HERE. Where?
A: at a wedding!


Wednesday 12-31

Q: Recently surveyed people say the internet is their most essential item. What is number 2?
A: the shower


Tuesday 12-30

Q: 35% of kids ask their parents to do this every day. What?
A: stop cussing


Monday 12-29

Q: 17% of people admit that they’re always the first to do this at Holiday parties. What?
A: dance


Friday 12-19

Q: 25% of people always do this before Christmas. What?
A: sneak a peek at their gift


Thursday 12-18

Q: The number one reason 61% of people aren’t finished Xmas shopping is because they don’t know what to buy. What’s the #2 reason?

A: they want to see if the recipient buys them a gift first!


Wednesday 12-17

Q: 11% of people used one of these to buy Christmas gifts. What?
A: a catalog


Tuesday 12-16

Q: 22% of people said this happens every time they throw a holiday party. What?
A: a guest steals something


Monday 12-15

Q: According to a recent survey, Kenjamin cannot remember what this question was.
A: duh…


Friday 12-12

Q: According to a recent survey, 20% of people said they actually quit their job for THIS reason. What?
A: Mom told them to


Thursday 12-11

Q: 30% of men say they can’t go a week without this. What?
A: pizza


Wednesday 12-10

Q: 42% of people say they do THIS on Xmas morning. What?
A: go shopping


Tuesday 12-9

Q: 85% of adults say they do THIS underneath the mistletoe. What?
A: kiss their pets


Monday 12-8

Q: 15% of people use this for holiday guests. What?
A: toiletries stolen from hotels


Friday 12-5

Q: 40% of people claim they have a gene that makes them bad at this. What?
A: relationships


Thursday 12-4

Q: 11% of adults say this is their favorite thing about gift giving. What?
A: wrapping the gifts


Wednesday 12-3

Q: Over half of kids 18-34 (KIDS?!) say THIS is what they want for Xmas. What?
A: ca$h


Tuesday 12-2

Q: A new survey says the healthiest couples do this 10 times or more a week. What?
A: hold hands


Monday 12-1

Q: More people respect THIS about someone than a college education. What?
A: that they recycle