Could Pink Floyd Reunite Soon?

Could Pink Floyd Reunite Soon?

by: Helen Yee | @HelenYeeSports

Never say never, especially when it comes to reunions and music.

Roger Waters and Nick Mason were at a press conference a few days ago for The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at the V&A museum in London. They were asked about reuniting to play Glastonbury in June.

According to The Telegraph, Mason was open to the idea, “I’ve never played Glastonbury. It would be fun to do it.”

Waters, though he has played in the music festival before, concurred with Mason. “I did Glastonbury once. It was really cold, but there were a lot of people and I liked it. Yeah, I would do it again.”

The only problem remains is whether or not David Gilmour will agree to do so. It is widely known there has been animosity between Gilmour and Waters for a long time now, and it seems the bad blood between them still remains.

Also, Gilmour told Classic Rock Magazine in 2015 how he felt about a possible reunion, “To do it without Rick (Wright) would just be wrong.” Wright passed away in 2008.

The last time Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Richard Wright performed live was nearly twelve years ago, at the Live 8 Concert in London, on July 2, 2005. The last time Mason, Gilmour, and Waters appeared on stage together was in 2011 at London’s O2 Arena.

The next Glastonbury announcement will be coming up in March, but will Pink Floyd’s reunion be a part of it? Only time will tell, and whether or not they can put their past differences aside for Glastonbury.

(photo courtesy of: Pink Floyd’s Facebook)

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